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Intro to Online Casino Promotions

Promotions and Bonuses help lower the house edge. From Blackjack to Baccarat, craps to video poker, we encourage you to can take advantage of the latest promotions offered by our affiliate casino partners.

The real deal behind online casino bonuses and what you need to look out for

In addition to being one of the first two states to offer a full slate of online casino games, New Jersey is the first to offer bonuses to its players, just for visiting.

In general, you can get all the details about the freebies on the sites—make sure you read the conditions of promotions before you wager.

The ones that have been revealed so far are offering what are known in the online casino business as “sticky bonuses.” That means you have to play the free money through; you have to wager the entire amount of the bonus. You can’t get the bonus and simply cash out.

It’s the same as “free play” offered through slots at brick-and-mortar casinos. The good news is that you keep all the winnings; the bonus lets you win without losing, at least until your bonus “seed money” is gone.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Once you get the bonus, you’ve got to run all of it through the games before withdrawing money from your account, if you want the full value of the bonus. When you withdraw, any remaining bonus money is removed. For instance, if a casino matches your $100 deposit with a $100 bonus, your deposit will read $200. You need to remember that your available withdrawal out of that $200 is still only $100. Once you have wagered a total of $100, all the money remaining is yours. If you’ve lost every hand or spin, you’re back to your original $100 deposit. But anything over that original deposit that you’ve won along the way to wagering $100 total is yours to withdraw.

Moreover, if you withdraw before playing the entire bonus amount, the casino will take the entire bonus back: If a casino matches a $100 deposit with a $100 sticky bonus the account starts with $200. If a player’s balance drops to $150, the player can only withdraw $50. The other $100 is removed as soon as the player requests a withdrawal.


Some of the new online casinos also are restricting terms of collecting bonuses for joining the site. For example,, which is aligned with Trump Plaza in New Jersey, will not allow single bets equal to or over 30 percent of the value of the bonus before the wagering requirement is met. Others require that you spend your entire sign-up bonus on the slots, and not move to more player-friendly games to clear the wagering requirement.

All of the sites will prohibit so-called “double-dipping”—there is only one sign-up bonus available per household. Geolocation software, along with computer IP addresses, make it easy for a casino to detect if several members of a family join a site separately to collect several bonuses.

Bottom line: Read the conditions of the bonus offered with your initial deposit. Some of the same conditions are attached to various promotions—the websites explain the requirements.

VIP Rewards: Online vs. Traditional

If you’re used to receiving cash-back or free play for points earned playing in a brick-and-mortar casinos, you should not necessarily expect the same rules online. In New Jersey, a crucial factor in the legalization of online gaming was that online play will support the brick-and-mortar operations.

Therefore, you may not be able to simply collect cash-back directly to your online account as you do at the slot machines. If cash-back is offered, you may have to redeem it at a slot machine in the corresponding brick-and-mortar casino. The New Jersey online casinos are going to offer free rooms and restaurant comps readily as rewards for online play, simply because redemption requires a visit to the casino.

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