Michigan Lottery Offers Online Payouts Up to $200K

The Michigan Lottery offers about 60 different online games, with payouts up to $200,000 for some games. The state is one of several lotteries beefing up their online play.

Lost in all the attention paid to online casinos and online poker sites in states like New Jersey and Nevada is the growing trend of online lotteries. About seven states have approved online lottery play, but few have done it with the panache and success of Michigan.

Online lotteries are much more than simply buying standard lottery tickets, which is still done largely through lottery retailers. What makes them special are the online games. For online players in the state, the Michigan Lottery site offers a host of online games to complement its regular lottery, such as its daily and weekly number drawings and Power Ball and Mega Millions drawings.

The Michigan Lottery offers about 60 different online games. Some such as the new Fruit Cubes games plays a little like Candy Crush. Bets are between a nickel and $2. Matching three symbols in a row wins you a cash prize, but can also lead to a bonus extra bonus round where you can hit it big up to $20,000.

Another game such as Blackjack Doubler lets you pit several blackjack hands against the dealers. Each win—there’s no drawing of cards as it’s a match game—gives you a certain payout. Top prize is $50,000.

The site’s biggest online payout is $200,000 on a game called Fuzzball Keno, and several other games have a top prize of $150,000. With so many games to choose from, the lottery site provides demos for most online games.

The Michigan Lottery also allows for regular online keno play, similar to lottery games offered in bars and restaurants.

Perhaps, the best part of the Michigan online lottery is that you can purchase tickets online for some of the lottery’s standard weekly and daily drawings. Your numbers are stored in your online account. That includes games such as Lotto47 + EZMatch, Fantasy 5 + EZMatch, Mega Millions and Power Ball. 

For new players, the Michigan Lottery offers an introductory package. Just register for the Michigan Lottery—go here for free promo code—then make your first deposit to play online instant games or purchase tickets for your favorite jackpot games. You’ll receive a $50 bonus credit on your first purchase up to $100.

For Michigan players, the online lottery is just the ticket.

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