Virgin Casino Offers Many Blackjack Games

There’s not much difference among online casino sites when it comes to the classic game of blackjack. Many offer a handful of variations—BetMGM sites, for instance, themes blackjack to sports teams; in New Jersey, you’ll find New York Jets Blackjack, Philadelphia 76ers Blackjack and a few others.

The Virgin Casino has more than a dozen blackjack variations. Some alter the rules to match a specific casino jurisdictions. Others feature unique side bet options. Overall, though, a blackjack enthusiast will not find a more diverse offering online.

Here are a few samples of Virgin blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is a traditional blackjack game featuring rules that match the blackjack you’ll find in Atlantic City casinos. Traditionally, Atlantic City has distinguished itself from other tourist meccas—the Las Vegas Strip, in particular—by offering player-friendly blackjack rules. For instance:

  • You can split pairs up to three times. Games on many sites only let you split a pair once. If you split a pair into two new hands and draw another pair, that’s it. You’re on to the hit-or-stand decision. Atlantic City Blackjack lets you split that second pair and a third pair, for total of four hands on one deal.
  • Late surrender. While it’s not a popular decision, the option of surrendering your hand—essentially, folding the hand to lose only half your bet—makes the overall return to the player higher.
  • The dealer stands on soft 17. When the dealer can hit a “soft 17”—that’s a total of 17 that includes an Ace, which can be worth one or 11—is a house advantage in the casino game. Having the dealer always stand on 17, hard or soft, dips the advantage .22 percent toward the player. That’s significant in an optimal blackjack game in which the overall house advantage is only 1 percent.

Blackjack pays 3-2. In the traditional blackjack game, if you’re dealt a blackjack, you’re paid 3-2—$3 for every $2 bet. In recent years, tourist traps like the Las Vegas Strip have moved to the dumbed-down 6-5 blackjack. The traditional 3-2 game gives a 1.5 percent added advantage to the player.

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Vegas Downtown Blackjack

This version of blackjack, which mimics Downtown Las Vegas rules, has all the same advantages as Atlantic City Blackjack, but features three unique betting options:

  • Repeat and bet. This automatically repeats your bet from the previous hand, speeding up the overall game.
  • Let ‘em ride. When you win on a hand, this option takes the total amount won on that hand and makes it your bet for the next hand.
  • Double and bet. This doubles your stake from your previous hand, super-charging wagers and wins, as long as you remain under the table limit.

Blazing 7s Blackjack

This unique blackjack option combines the traditional game with the theme of the classic Bally slot game Blazing 7s. When you place a standard blackjack bet, you have the option of making the Blazing 7s side bet. With the bet made, one or two 7s in the player’s first two cards wins the bet: the payoff is 2-to-1 for one 7, and 25-to-1 for two 7s.

Add in the dealer’s up card for three 7s, and the payoff is lucrative: 200-to-1 for three mixed-color 7s, or 500-to-1 for three 7s of the same color, and three suited 7s returns 777-to-1. You can find this game with progressives for three suited 7s at a few other sites.

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