4 Tips for ‘Little Wheel’ on the World Wide Web

Roulette’s simple “pick a number” game is perfect for the novice gambler getting their online feet wet. These tips can help you stretch your budget, hedge your bets, and have fun at this classic game in its cyber form.

A common quote among gamblers is “there’s no such thing as a professional roulette player.”

This is because of the big house edge on an American wheel (double zero) of 5.26 percent. Even on a European wheel with only one green zero, the luck factor of this flashy game is difficult to beat and, of course, impossible to control. But, that doesn’t mean that this glitzy game isn’t without its fun and excitement.

The easy learning curve of the simple “pick a number” game is perfect for the novice gambler who wants to get their online feet wet—but doesn’t know how to play perfect blackjack and wants slightly more control over the randomness of online slots.

Here are some tips to stretch your budget, hedge your bets, and have fun at this classic game in its new cyber form:

1. Play European Roulette

Why not lower the house edge from 5.26 percent to 2.7 percent? But that’s not all. The house edge goes down to even less thanks to extra rules at European roulette. 


2. Know the Rules

This is the one constant that can be the difference between winning and losing. In a nutshell, American Roulette is very easy. Put a chip (or chips) on a number, or group of numbers, or an outside bet. If it comes in, you win.

European roulette plays the same. But, it also has the “la partage” (“the sharing”) rule. When the ball cruelly ends up in the zero slot, players with even-money “outside” bets get half of their money refunded. This drops the house advantage to 1.35 percent!

Another bet that drops the edge from 2.7 percent to 1.35 percent is the “En prison” rule. This time, if the zero hits, your ball gets put “in prison” until the next spin. If your bet pays on the next spin, you get it back sans any winnings. You can’t have everything. If it doesn’t hit, you lose. Think along the lines of blackjack insurance. But in this case, it is to your advantage! 


3. Where Should You Play?

If your passport is a little dusty or you don’t feel like flying to Europe to find a single zero table, try the game at caesarscasino.com.

Caesars has eight different roulette games: two versions each of European roulette and American style—plus, other variations. There is a demo for each one, so you can check it out before you sign up. The site itself is easy to navigate.

Be sure to check out our Promotions page for the latest Caesars deals.


4. Play both Inside and Outside Bets

If you just keep betting your cat’s birthday every spin, you are statistically going to be disappointed all but once in every three-dozen spins. Go for the even money stuff too. Red? Black? Odd? Even? Plus, don’t forget the number groupings. Like all good investors, you need to diversify.

Here’s hoping this gets you started and good luck with the cat’s birthday and all.

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